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Circulator Array Large Core Patchcords SM Patchcords MM PATCH PM Coupler Through Adaptors
CIR-3-15-L-1-2 (3port SM circulator) CIR-3-15-L-1-2 (3port SM circulator)
CIR-PM-15-L-7-2 (3 Port PM Circulator, 0.75m) CIR-PM-15-L-7-2 (3 Port PM Circulator, 0.75m)
PLC-0108-1216-L-1-4-ABS (PLC splitter) PLC-0108-1216-L-1-4-ABS (PLC splitter)
PLC-0132-1315-4-1RU (PLC splitter) PLC-0132-1315-4-1RU (PLC splitter)
FOBC-1-15-50-C-1-S-2 (SM Coupler, 1x2) FOBC-1-15-50-C-1-S-2 (SM Coupler, 1x2)
PMP-15-R-C-1-22 (PM patch cord) PMP-15-R-C-1-22 (PM patch cord)
SM1-22-T-1 (SM Patchcord, 1m) SM1-22-T-1 (SM Patchcord, 1m)
ADA-FC-FC-S (Through Adaptor FC) ADA-FC-FC-S (Through Adaptor FC)
FOA-FCA-20 (Attenuator FC/APC) FOA-FCA-20 (Attenuator FC/APC)
MM1-FC-FC-200/220-C3N-3-0.22NA (Multimode Patchcord, 0.22NA, FC/PC, 3m) MM1-FC-FC-200/220-C3N-3-0.22NA (Multimode Patchcord, 0.22NA, FC/PC, 3m)
SM1-22-B-100-BX (Optical Delay Line, 100m) SM1-22-B-100-BX (Optical Delay Line, 100m)
ILP-15-L-1-7-2-SA   (In-line polarizer, 1550nm) ILP-15-L-1-7-2-SA (In-line polarizer, 1550nm)
WDM-PM-1598-L-P-7-2-1W (PM WDM) WDM-PM-1598-L-P-7-2-1W (PM WDM)
VOA-C-1315-C-1-2 (Variable Optical Attenuator) VOA-C-1315-C-1-2 (Variable Optical Attenuator)
FOP-64-B-500-H64-22 (500m length) FOP-64-B-500-H64-22 (500m length)
POF-1-1000-2.2 (Plastic optical fibre (POF) POF-1-1000-2.2 (Plastic optical fibre (POF)

Terms & Conditions

All prices are Ex-works AFW Technologies, Hallam, Australia. Purchaser may, at their choosing, (a) physically pick up products at AFW upon reasonable notice, (b) arrange for pick up via common carrier upon reasonable notice or (c) request that AFW act as Purchaser’s agent to arrange delivery of product via local and international courier services. All freight and handling related charges are paid by the purchaser.  For international deliveries the purchaser is responsible for all possible customs duties and taxes associated with the purchase.

Return of Goods
Fibre optic products may be returned only with AFW’s written permission or accompanied by a return material advice issued by AFW to the purchaser.  AFW Technologies Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse credit for any goods returned after inspection.  After receiving the products the purchaser must inspect and test the products and inform AFW within 15days if there are any product issues related to specifications or quality. Non-stocked items, items made to order or modified to customer’s requirements are non-returnable.  We do not accept return of products due to “change-in-mind” with no valid reason.  Products accepted for credit are subject to a restocking and a service charge of twenty percent (20%) plus transportation charges.  Shipping costs will also be charged to the customer for goods being returned where credit has been refused.

Standard warranty and liability
AFW Technologies Pty Ltd (AFW) warrants that each product sold will conform to specifications or drawings as otherwise acknowledged or approved by the customer or the customer’s representative and to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment under normal use and service when correctly installed, operated and maintained.  If any fibre optic product is found to have defects in material or workmanship the purchaser should notify AFW promptly, and request an RMA number. After an RMA number is assigned, the purchaser may return the defective products prepaid to AFW Technologies for analysis. AFW's sole responsibility under this warranty period will be to repair or replace the standard fibre optic products found to be defective, and return said products, prepaid.  This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear or damage cause by negligence, accident, shipping damage, abnormal operation, improper installation, unauthorized repair, fire, flood and act of god. AFW’s liability under this warranty is limited in all aspects to the value of goods supplied by AFW. AFW shall have no liability for special, indirect, liquidated or consequential damages (including but not limited to damages for lost profits or injury to person or property).

Cancellation of Order
No order will be cancelled by the customer unless agreed in writing by the company. A cancellation fee may be charged for non-stocked items.

Payment can be made by PayPal or by direct deposit (International wire transfer). If payment is made by wire trasnsfer there will be a USD25 additional fee due to the intermediate bank charges, only for orders under USD1000. We will add USD25 to the proforma invoice.

Product price
AFW reserves the right at any time, without notice to alter the price of the products. All product prices stated in this website are exclusive of freight, delivery, insurance, handling, storage, packaging and any other expenses relating to the products, which will be charged to and paid by the purchaser. Prices can be viewed in Australian Dollars (AU$) or US Dollars (US$). For Australian customers prices are excluding GST which will be added at checkout. All overseas transactions are GST free.

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